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GeoVision Technologies is composed of a Team of focused Experts that have designed & implemented & maintained leading IT enterprise projects in the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Dispatch & Field Force Management Systems with integrated Field Mobile Solutions (FFMS) to key enterprises in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East Region since year 2000.

500 years+ in focused man-years of expertise

150+ Successful Key Enterprise Projects

100+ Satisfied Key Clients

Covering the following sectors.
GeoVision Technologies teams have designed, implemented and maintained a multitude of enterprise GIS and FFMS solutions, for many key clients from the public and private sectors, throughout the Arabic Gulf & Middle East region, and have existing implementations in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Jordan and Lebanon.

GeoVision Technologies head-offices are based in Toronto Canada, with a network of international business & technical partners and multiple sales and technical support satellite locations and teams serving the different countries and customers.

GeoVision Technologies has invested in advanced, powerful, up-to-date, ready, generic platforms that can be parameterized in record time to service different customer needs.

GeoVision Technologies has built strategic partnerships with world-class technology providers to integrate their offerings within GeoVision Technologies suite of products & services and be able to provide end-clients with the latest optimal technologies.

GeoVision Technologies maintains a competitive edge due to its commitment to building and installing highly integrated systems. GeoVision Technologies teams guide the entire design/building/installation process from start to finish – from gathering information from the client, to the final installation at the customer’s site, after passing a thorough and rigorous testing by our Quality Assurance specialists. We go the extra mile to make sure our solution is installed with the customization levels your agency needs to succeed. After full system deployment & roll-out, GeoVision Technologies offers multi-levels of maintenance & support services through telephone, email, Internet remote access, and site-visits by our specialized support staff members and international partners.



Geo-Centric Ready Platform that can be parameterized to integrate different types of fixed assets & networks & map layers, and allow parametric search & querying & analysis& management of integrated elements with advanced maps visualization.

- The GIS Platform can be delivered to work on-top of ESRI-GIS technologies or Open-Source GIS or Internet Google maps.

- GeoVision Technologies Teams implementation expertise includes: GIS for Building-Regulations, Electric-Network, Traffic-Management, Oil-Pipeline-Network, Schools & Education, Waste & Pest-Management, Water&Wastewater-Networks, Agriculture, Geo-Marketing & Network-Optimization for Banks & Distribution…


Geo-Centric Ready Platform that is an advanced, powerful, up-to-date, generic platform that can be parameterized in record time to service different customer needs.
The FFMS Platform allows for the creation & dispatching & monitoring of field-work tasks (to service Customers, Assets, …) within a complete parametric back-office & field-work cycle (including advanced tools & functions servicing Call-Center, Dispatch, Field-Work, Quality-Control, Customer-Communication, and Management), with integrated maps interface accessible to all levels of system users (based on ESRI-GIS technologies or Open-Source GIS or Internet Google maps).
GeoVision Technologies Teams implementation expertise includes: FFMS for Electricity Distribution, Water&Waste-Water, FMCG Distribution Services, Food Delivery, Third Party Logistics, Law-Enforcement, Taxi operations, Waste Management, Municipal Inspections, Field Surveys
Details on the available platforms and case studies on implemented projects can be provided upon request
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Program and Project Management

leading teams to achieve all project goals

Logical Consultancy Services:

Requirement Analysis, Gap Analysis, Logical Solution Design

Technical Consultancy Services:

Integration Design & Implementation, Consultancy, Technical Design

Data Services:

Data cleansing, Data mapping, Data analysis

Training Services:

End-Users Training, Technical Knowledge Transfer Services

Maintenance Services:

End-Users support, Technical Support